Soft Sealing Gate Valve (OS&Y)

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Product Code : GVSO16

General Specification

Maximum Working Temperature 110 °c

PN16bar, 175 psi, 300 psi



FM1120, FM1130, EN1171, UL262

Face To Face Dimensions:


Machining And Drilling Of Flange:

EN1092-2, ANSI/ASME B16.5

Test And Inspection:

EN12266-1, UL262, FM1120, FM1130

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Soft Sealing Gate Valve (OS&Y)

Over 35 years ago , Farab was established to accommodate domestic demands for high quality , industrial grade , water valves and valve system. Since its inauguration in 1986 ,Farab has grown into a leading water valve manufacturer , expanding its production line to three state of the art factory sites while employing a workforce of over 140 professionals .

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