About Farab Company

Farab Company, as the first producer of cast iron valves in Iran, started its activity in 1986. Following its products’ technical and quality upgrades, the company has produced a complete basket of products. The products of this company cover oil and gas industries, heating and refrigeration facilities, and water and sewage.
Farab’s work system focuses on the customer’s goals and desires, and efficient, skilled and specialized human resources help accelerate and adjust this system. The staff of Farab Company are related and coordinated groups that take steps to provide the best quality and the lowest price, speed in the delivery of requested products, after-sales service and finally complete customer satisfaction.
The vision of partnership with customers and teamwork is one of the most fundamental beliefs of Farab Company and the establishment of a quality management system based on the international standard ISO 9001: 2015, which supports the continuous quality improvement of processes leading to product production and after-sales service, is in line with this idea. The approach to quality in Farab is not just about getting multiple certifications. Since its establishment, the commitment to quality in business, in the implementation of projects, in the production of products, and in the provision of services has been the basis of this company’s activities. Farab Company has always strived to reach quality levels at the highest national and international standards. This goal has tried to promote the tendency to improve quality and excellence in its organization.
Among the other activities of Farab Company in cooperation with the Iranian Institute of Standards and Industrial Research in the field of developing standards for industrial valves, and in addition, this company is an active member of the following scientific and specialized associations:

Installation Industry Association

Iranian Association of Casting Industry Factories

Iranian Scientific Foundry Association

Setsa Scientific Association


The business process at Farab is based on a structured system. In this structure, which is designed based on the experiences resulting from the activities carried out from the beginning of its establishment until now, the main priority is to identify customers’ needs. Extensive research in advanced technologies and maintaining standards globally using the latest technologies is one of the commitments of Farab Company to produce industrial valves with the specifications desired by customers.
Commitment to society and the environment is a multifaceted concept at Farab. The company has always considered its social responsibilities as a leading industrial complex in business development. Attention to concepts such as health, safety, and environment has always been emphasized by the company’s senior managers and has played an essential role throughout the Farab organization. This is rooted in the importance of maintaining the health of human resources in general and particularly in Farab’s business and the importance of environmental protection. Numerous efforts have been made to improve the efficiency of manufactured products by collaborating with the holders of the latest related technologies worldwide and gaining up-to-date knowledge. Also, in recent years, there has been a move towards the production of new products to meet customers’ needs with sustainable methods and environmental protection.
The expansion of competitive markets in the world has had a profound impact on the economies of developing countries. The need to provide superior products and services by large and medium-sized manufacturing and service companies in these countries has highlighted the need for R&D units. The capital allocated to the R&D sector in a country reflects the state of the industry, the degree of industrial competition, and the rate of progress of that country. Therefore, by establishing R&D units, companies pursue goals such as paying less, producing more, more efficient products, and thus increasing their stock prices. By this definition, companies successfully compete to create products with a high level of quality and innovation by using technology and knowledge to meet their customers’ current needs. In this regard, Farab Company has tried to achieve its goals and aspirations by creating and expanding its R&D unit. Employing people with high university degrees, which is one of the senior managers of this group, has made Farab one of the leading manufacturing companies in the field of industrial valves. The experience of producing the first industrial valves in the country, along with the world’s up-to-date knowledge, has provided a collection that leads many to use the Farab brand to introduce their products. Farab is in this field of industry and its popularity with consumers.
In the end, he points out, to achieve its long-term and sustainable goals, Farab Company intends to take steps to reach international standards by increasing production diversification, providing a 60-month warranty and 25-year after-sales service, so the company Producing products with higher quality and reasonable prices, providing distinctive guarantees and after-sales services and gaining more and more consumer satisfaction is its mission and duty, and in this regard, welcomes the comments, criticisms and suggestions of all experts and their hands for cooperation. The manufacturer insists sincerely.

Mir Esmail Mostafavi, founder of Farab Company
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